Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Online Coaching - Coaching with a difference ?

Are you tired of reading about personal coaches who can turn your life around if you pay them enough and follow their step by step coaching program only to find out that they are telling you what you already know and have heard from so many others ?

What if you came across one person who was commited to truly helping you achieve what YOU wanted. Not just telling you what to do to change but actually showing and helping you. Wouldn't you call that coaching with a difference.

We all have dreams and desires yet most of us have no idea of how to attain them. We begin to search for help and come across dozens of personal coaches and courses that all claim to be the ideal one for you.

But how these coaches know what it is you need? That their program is the right one for you. Do they know you? Do they have some kind of physic ability which enables them to understand someone they have never even met?

This is where coaching with a difference is truly different. When a coach is coaching with a difference they don't claim to turn your life around if you work with them or buy one of their courses, simply because they don't know you yet.

Only after a personal call or meeting with you can you know if that certain coach is someone who you can trust and open up to. Only then can you know if the collaboration will give you exactly what it is YOU need.

It is though of great importance that you understand that you are going to be taken out of your comfort zone. A place where many of us have been in for a great number of years. This is why you must have "met" and talked to your coach before beginning a program with them. No one opens up to a person they don't know, especially if it is about issues they have kept bottled up for a long time.

So before you buy or register for any coaching program or course, get the person on the phone, see how you feel while talking to them. If it feels right, then you are on the road to a sometimes rocky but wonderful start of living the life as you truly desire to.

Coaches who teach coaching with a difference will be honored to be your mentor.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Long distance relationships...do they last?

This question was posed to me by a reader of Eden & Elle magazine . She wrote me a letter explaining that she was involved with a man on the other side of the ocean (she's from Utah, he lives in England), one that she had never seen before and was now wondering what the chances of their relationship succeeding was.

They had met several months earlier on a forum, had started mailing with one another, their communication had evolved to calling each other on an almost daily basis. They were now in love and working hard to make their relationship develop and mature.

Since I have moved several times in my life from country to country, and continent to continent, I have had my fair share of leaving behind my (at the time) boyfriend and trying to make a long distance relaitonship work. Of course, I was only a teenager and I don't think you can really compare those relationships to adult mature relationships, but still.

Relationships are already a challenge when the partners are able to see each other on a frequent basis, they get to know each others' flaws as well as their good characteristics. They get to explore each other not only emotionally but physically as well, something which isn't possible in long distance relationships.

Yet, in this cyber age, where people spend so much time behind their computers, it is only logical that they begin to elaborate their efforts in their search for happiness. Not to mention the fact that its easier to talk to someone who can't see you, who you can open up to and tell your deepest darkest secrets to and then with a click of the mouse erase from your life like they never existed if they say something you don't appreciate.

Bottom line is, I think that her relationship has just as much chance to work out as it would when she was dating someone in her hometown. Maybe even more so, as the relationship is built solely on emotional attraction, not physical attraction, so you know for sure that your partner is not in the relationship just for the sex.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

U.S.A. Healthcare - The American Dream ?

With the 2008 elections on their way, each candidate has their own strategy to want to improve the health care in the U.S. In a country where almost EVERYTHING is possible and that still draws many migrants, be they legal or illegal to achieve the "American dream", it sure has a bad reputation when it comes to health insurance.

I happened to watch Oprah today, the show was about the movie Michael Moore had made called "Sicko". The movie has caused quite a controversy, not only by its candor but by bringing the many problems that the American health care system has out into the open for all to see and hear. There are 50 million people in the States who aren't insured, that's huge don't you think?

Here in Europe, especially in the Benelux, health care is the same for everyone. Whether you are the son of the garbage disposal man or the son of the C.E.O., you will be treated the same. Of course, we have the opportunity to pay for additional private insurance, but this isn't really necessary, unless you prefer, for example, to have a private room when staying in hospital.

The average we pay annually for health care is +/- €100,00 ($ 130,00) PER family. When we visit a G.P. , we receive an invoice which we deliver to the health care company we CHOSE to be insured with, and we receive approx. 75% back from what we paid the G.P. in the first place. Medicine prescribed by the doctor is also 70% - 90% of what you would pay if you weren't insured. The same applies for specialists (though this may be 65% depending on what he/she is specialized in). Everyone, young and old, has a special card which looks like a credit card. It has the details of the person on the computer chip, and is used whenever we have to enter hospital or buy things at the pharmacy. It basically shows that our medical history is up to date and that we are insured.

You cannot NOT be insured here, that's how easy and fair it is.

There is a difference however, when it comes to being self-employed. The annual payments are higher then, and you have to choose between basic health care and all inclusive health care, but the amount also depends on how much you earn. Yet even then the annual payments are between €750,00 ($900,00)- €1500,00 ($1800,00) per year which I believe is a lot less than the average self-employed American has to pay.

As powerful as the U.S. is, maybe its time they learned from the smaller, somewhat "insignificant" countries on how to truly care about their citizens. To me, there are 50 million reasons for doing so. Let's hope that one of the presidential candidates did their homework and listened to what Michael Moore had to say.