Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What color is your hair.........down there ?

As you may remember I had my first brazilian wax in January of this year. Was it painful? You betcha! Did I do it again? Yep, but in this case three was not a charm.

Here(in Belgium) I don't think they understand the true nature of what a brazilian wax is. Both times not all the hair 'down there' was removed.

The first time I was told it was due to the fact it was my first waxing and therefore they were being very careful. The beautician said they would remove the hairs that had been left behind next time around. It didn't make much sense to me but as my skin felt like it was on fire, I presumed she knew what she was talking about.

The second time the same thing occurred and I asked the beautician if she could remove all the hair as that was what I was paying for. But she told me that it was normal that some hairs were always left behind. I didn't really believe her and concluded that this type of waxing just wasn't made for my skin or what I had thought it would be.

Only after talking to a friend of mine, who also happens to be a beautician, did I learn that it wasn't me,nor my rather delicate skin, that was at fault but the beauty salon itself.

Normally ALL the hairs have to be removed when one is waxed, and it doesn't matter whether its a brazilian wax or just a plain leg wax. The result has to be a hairless, smooth, non irritated skin.

Since there isn't another salon in this Province that even does brazilian waxing, I gave up on the idea.

And now I'm so glad I did !

Because in my search of more information about waxing, I stumbled upon a site that offers hair color dye........for the hair down there!

Enthused by what I read, I contacted the public relations agency of this company and asked if I could interview the woman behind this wonderful idea. Within a couple of weeks I was able to schedule an interview and talk to Nancy Jarecki, CEO and innovator of bettybeauty inc. (

Nancy is a wonderful, kind hearted, vivacious woman and she talked open heartedly about her life, career and where she got the idea of color dye for the hair down there.

In the April issue of Eden and Elle Magazine you will be able to read all about Nancy Jarecki, the bettybeauty inc. products and even about her marriage to Andrew Jarecki, Moviefone cofounder and Hollywood director of movies like Capturing the Friedmans.

Eden and Elle Magazine is available from 1st April. Visit for your very own FREE issue.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Me and Mrs. Hughes.....

I'm a strong believer in the law of attraction and power of the universe and really believe that our thoughts create our life. I also believe that you attract things into your life for better or worse due to those same thoughts, thereby making it our own responsibility about whatever happens to us.

To some this may seem harsh, but even the bible states in Proverbs 23:7 " as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." I'm not a religious person, but I do consider myself to be spiritual and if you take the essence of the bible and the essence of spirituality you will find they are actually one and the same.

Anyway, you are probably wondering what this has to do with Mrs. Hughes.

Well, I wasn't feeling that great a couple of days ago, I'd let some personal stuff get in the way of my usual positive self and couldn't shake the sad feeling off. The universe must have noticed me struggling to get back to my 'feeling good' place because I received an email from a friend. All it said in the body of the email was 'meet mrs. Hughes' with a videolink below.

Normally I don't make time to click on links in emails unless I know what it's about and have been expecting it, but something compelled me to do so regardless of the fact that I was behind on my work and watching whatever the link was would not help me get back on track, or so I thought!

The video lasts 5.10 minutes and I laughed widely through most of the entire video. Mrs. Hughes has such a vibrant, sarcastic yet humorous way of portraying life that I found myself wondering why I had even felt bad in the first place.

Since watching Mrs. Hughes, I am back to my 'feeling good' place, have gotten more work done in the past 48 hours than I did in the 5 days before that and so I decided I wanted to share this video with you.

Whether you're in you own 'feeling good' place or need a pick-me-up to help you feel better, I'm sure you will enjoy the video below. I wish you a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The long and the short of it........

My daughter went to have her hair cut today. It was quite long and she decided that since it got tangled easily and she didn't like using hairclips or elastic bands, she would let the hairdresser cut it into a 'bobstyle" that is the latest fashion these days.

Waiting for her to be finished, I sat down looking at hairstyle books and the idea of cutting my own hair short arose. However, I also immediately thought about how long it had taken me to get to this length and was less convinced although.....

Then again......there was a time that if you cut your long hair short you would have to wait a couple of years for it to get back to the same length as it was before you cut it, but with todays possibilities that is no longer a problem.

Hair extensions, weaves, wigs, whether they be synthetic or real hair can be used and you can have the same length or even longer within 24 hours of cutting your hair.

Naturally, one assumes that you thought your soon to be new hairstyle through before heading for the hairdresser but even though that short wispy style looks great on Lisa Rhinna it may be a disaster style for you.

Your hairdresser, if he/she is a good one, should have already advised you on which styles would suit you or not but more often hairdressers themselves seem to take a safe route and just say that any style will bring out the best of your features.

There is another way. It's called virtual hairstyling Now you can choose whichever style you like and "try" it on. Simply upload a photo into the program, click and you have access to hundreds of hairstyles which you can check out in combination with several ranges of color to see what looks best.

The fun part is that you can try out as many styles and looks as you so choose and save them to a favorites page. Once you have decided on exactly which hairstyle you desire, just print out the photo and take it to your hairdresser.

With each style comes an explanation of what type of hair is best suited for the style, along with the amount of time required to style your hair. If you are still uncertain what would suit you best, there is a page on which you can upload your favorite photos and then have other users comment and rate your styles. This I found very helpful, especially in determining which color would suit me best.

So, now armed with my favorite styles I am making an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow and I am sure that this time the style I have chosen will be exactly what I thought it would look like and I'll be very happy with it.
And if you really want to double up your reasons for cutting your long hair, why not give your long locks of hair to charity, namely . It's a wonderful organization that aids financially disadvantaged children with long term medical issues and gives them back their dignity.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are you REALLY where you want to be in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself this question : Is your life exactly the way you pictured it to be when you were young?

When you were little you probably didn't have any trouble believing that you were going to grow up and be exactly what you wanted to be. You enjoyed pretending and acting as if you had already achieved what it was you desired and had great fun doing so.

Sure your peers would laugh at your games and make gentle fun of you telling you that you should be happy with what life gives you but you just knew that you were right, knew you could make your dreams come true.

Then you got older and were told time after time that you should stop day dreaming, work hard at school and get a steady job. Slowly but surely your dreams were pushed towards the background, sinking deeper and deeper into the lower layers of your conciousness. After a while you just stopped dreaming and stopped believing.

So, have your dreams that seemed so vivid and real when you were little come true or have you settled for less?

If you're like 90% of the world population you are in the last category. You live your life not to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it. You, like most people merely exist.

But why?

Because by the time you are an adult you have been so inundated with negative messages from everyone around you that like most of us you think that it's just not possible to achieve and have what you truly want. We falsely believe that our lives are just meant to be this way and that we have no power to change where we are in life.

We basically accept that this life, the one we are living now is as good as it gets and no-one can do anything about it. We live our lives and don't stop to think what the possibilities are if only we let ourselves discover what is hidden inside of us.

So tell me, did you arrive where you are now on purpose or where you just kind of dragged in this direction, without even thinking about it. And if you arrived here on purpose are you happy with where you are or are you dis-illusioned with your life.

If it was possible to change your circumstances starting with changing your way of thinking would you believe it. If you were told how to make your dreams come true would you listen or would you just laugh and dismiss the words?

There is one major difference between the wealthy and the un-wealthy and it's not the amount of income they generate.

It's their ability to think and believe that what they want is within reach. They have a fixed vision of what it is they desire and the words "not possible" aren't part of their vocabulary.

If it was money that was the difference then why are lotto winners usually broke within a few years of winning? Because they didn't believe that they would win. They just hoped they would.

So, are you ready to think differently?