Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ms BBW MySpace 2008 Contest

This week it's short but sweet and oh so juicy!

As you know, Eden&Elle magazine is an avid promotor of 'everyday' women, and this of course includes BBW women. We endorse every shape and figure and applaud women who feel comfortable and sensual in their own body.

In each issue, Eden&Elle feature a monthly 'everyday' model that shows one doesn't have to look like a Barbie doll to pose semi nude AND look fabulous and sensual doing so!

We are therefore promoting the Ms. BBW MySpace 2008 Contest. If you would like to know more about this contest, like to become a contestant or vote for a contestant please click on the link below. If you are voting, make sure you reply to the comment of the person you are voting for.

Make sure your friends come and vote for you if you are a contestant.

Ms BBW MySpace 2008 Contest

The winner of this contest will be featured in an upcoming issue of Eden&Elle Magazine. A short interview with the winner will accompany photos of her as well.

Eden&Elle magazines' intention is to promote and share the fact that women need not have a so called 'perfect' figure to be happy, it's a platform for women to connect, help them understand they are not 'alone' and basically give them tools to help them feel better about themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled for the November 1st issue of Eden&Elle magazine, as usual it's packed with inspiring and awesome articles, an audio interview with Sheri Winston, who owns the Intimate School of Arts (yes, ladies and gentlemen, intimacy is part of sex and can be taught!) our wonderful writers and then some!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The new and improved......Me

No....I haven't washed myself with the latest laundry product, you know the kind.., when every second commercial is about how new and improved product "XYZ" is, just to try to stimulate you to buy it.

What I'm talking about is improving ones inner self, the subconscious mind.

Since the movie 'the secret' was released in 2006, we have been bombarded with all kinds of self help 'gurus', therapies and programmes to help us become aware of our inner selves.

The Secret sure opened up my eyes, it gave me several 'aha' moments, and it made me feel as if I wasn't abnormal anymore. Up till then I had thought that certain feelings I had were egotistical and basically just not done. I felt there was something missing but I couldn't put my finger on it, as if there was more to my life than how I was living it.

Yet, until then I had dismissed these thoughts because I felt guilty, and trying to talk about it to friends just made me sound like I wasn't grateful for what I had.(which I was, and am even more grateful about now)

I have watched the movie dozens of times since then and each time something else that was said hit home but it never moved me as much as the first time, when I experienced intense joy and sadness almost at the same time.

But this isn't me endorsing the movie at all, I'm just pointing out the moment that I realized there was much more to my life than I had seen so far. But now that I knew that, HOW was I going to be able to get inside of me to do so?

I scoured the internet for information that could lead to my enlightenment and came across a vast amount of possibilities, each and every one of them promising me that if I just followed their programme or joined their coaching team I would become 'enlightened'.

Now, over three years later, I must say that the most important thing I have learned is that improving ones inner self is a continuous journey, one that will most likely take a whole mortal lifetime and well beyond. I also learned that one doesn't always need a certain programme or therapy, there is a lot of free information out there, you just have to give yourself the time to let it reach you.

I have taken what feels good to me out of all the things I have read and heard and each day I find myself getting to know the real and improved me. It really isn't about the HOW one goes about it, it's the letting go of trying so hard to be who we think we want to be, for often that person is more likely to be who others want us to be.

So, if you feel good about wearing two different colored socks, or dying your hair pink, to the feeling good about staying home to raise the kids instead of being frowned upon for not having a career, I say...All the more power to you! for it is the people who are genuinely happy with their lives, who dare to put themselves first, that are enlightened.

They have discovered the secret which is actually very simple......when you are happy with yourself, then you live your life with joy, love and good expectations.

This attitude provides nourishment for everyone around them and these people in turn will begin to feel the joy, love and expect good. The ripple effect will become a tidal wave causing a gigantic positive commotion.

Of course, many will say, that is idealistic thinking, but I disagree. I truly believe if we all felt more love, more joy and expected only good things to happen to us, that the world would be a much happier and healthier place.

On the other hand, what would we have to complain about....... :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Disappearing Act

Many of you have written to me to ask what happened to the October issue of Eden&Elle Magazine and an explanation is long overdue.

As you may or may not know I sometimes work with other photographers and for the October issue I had again decided to give another photographer a chance to publish his work in Eden&Elle. Unfortunately, this person bailed out on me at the very last minute leaving me with no photo shoot to publish and as you know, Eden&Elle differeniates itself due to the photos of 'everyday' women.

Along with that, the main database with all the technical data and information crashed and all the articles that had been edited and were ready for publishing were lost.

And since 'bad' things seem to happen in threes (as the saying goes here in Belgium) that same pc was hacked and several passwords and other delicate information was lost, making it technically too challenging for me to get the October issue of Eden&Elle out on time.

Since the data was 'lost' (or hidden somewhere), I also couldn't get into the subscribers lists and it has taken until today to get everything back in working order.

I trust that you will eagerly be anticipating the arrival of the November issue and can promise you it will be a fun packed, uplifting and true to the heart of you all issue.

To end this week......

Often we are told that in order to change our lives all we have to do is change our thoughts. In theory that is simple but in practice all too many of us find this very difficult and challenging to do. So how do we get rid of our negative thoughts?

The video below shows you HOW you may be able to do this the 'easy' way!