Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A healthy mind and body without leaving your home

Here in Belgium it was mothers day on August 15th and as a gift from my kids they bought a Wii. For those of you who think it's a rude word, let me explain. A Wii is a game console made by Nintendo, sort of like the play station 3 or the x-box 360. The difference is its innovative new control scheme. Instead of using a traditional controller, the Wii relies on the Wiimote,a device that looks like a standard television remote, and the "nunchuck" attachment for it to control your games.

The system uses infrared sensors to detect the motion of the two devices. The applications of this control scheme make you feel as if you are actually holding whatever item you need to play the game,e.g. where you swing the Wiimote to swing a tennis racket or sword, aim it like a gun and shoot on screen bad guys or even tilt the Wiimote left and right to steer cars.

It was very easy to install, even by my standards, since I'm not tech savvy and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the different games like tennis, bowling and golf. So much so that I woke up the next morning with muscle ache! Nintendo has also introduced brain academy, a game which trains your brain. Initially it was only sold for the DS Lite but now I can "work" on keeping not only my body but my mind fit and healthy too.

If you think its only for the young generation, think again. My mom is 61 years of age and she enjoys playing on the Wii just as much as my kids do. This is the first game console that I have found interesting and fun to do. No more sitting on my butt trying to understand how all the different buttons work with my thumbs (with my eldest getting frustrated because I don't know what I'm doing) but good exercise in the comfort of my own home.

I use it several times a week, sometimes for pure fun, sometimes to help me relax and relieve the stress that undoubtably many people feel throughout their week. For christmas I'm going to buy myself a game called "trauma center second opinion". I've seen how it works on YOUTUBE and it looks really cool! :=)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Luscious lips....?

It's been just over a week since I had my lips enhanced. One thing I learned is to ask everything BEFORE I have any kind of changes done to my body. Not that I wasn't given the chance to do so during the initial consultation since the surgeon was very patient and answered all and any questions I had but I should have asked more. Then again, if I had known exactly how my lips were going to be enhanced I may not even have had them done.

I knew I was going to need a local anesthetic, what I didn't realize is that that was going to damn well hurt more than the enhancement itself (but I guess that's coz by the time the surgeon injected the liquid I didn't feel anything anymore due to the anesthetic) I also didn't realize that my lips were not going to be exactly the way I wanted them to be as soon as the enhancement was finished so when I looked in the mirror directly afterwards I was shocked!

Fortunately the nurses at the clinic and the doctor himself reassured me that the swelling, which was partly due to the anesthetic and partly due to the "surgery" itself, would go down within the next 24 to 48 hours. And they were right. The area surrounding my lips was almost completely normal at he day after and my lips themselves were looking deliciously full & exactly the way I pictured them to be.

So I am very happy that I had this done, however I would suggest that if you do decide to have any part of your body changed or enhanced, try to find a doctor who can show you what the end result will look like on a computer by means of digital photography or something like that. I didn't and though I personally know the surgeon who did my lips, it was something I should have asked him to show me.

Let me end this by saying I thought about this procedure for about a year before I actually went ahead with it, collecting information, pondering about whether it would make me FEEL happier or not. If it would change anything in my life and to make sure I was only doing this for me, myself and I and no-one else. It's very important that you never have any type of surgery or procedure done unless you are the one that truly feels it will make you feel happier.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lips like Angelina Jolie !?!

Have you ever looked closely at a picture of Angelina Jolie? I think she's attractive but not because she is well proportioned, more because she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and the way she looks. Her lips have been the topic of conversation numerous times as people try to figure out whether they are naturally full or cosmetic surgery has been used.

I like her lips, and natural or not, they suit her. So what if they were cosmetically enhanced, if SHE feels better with herself that way, it's her prerogative. And that's my whole point, when does one have the right to criticize how another looks? Is it not up to the person themselves.

Just look at Mick Jagger, do you really think anyone in their right mind would have their lips enhanced like that?! I doubt it but those lips have become a trademark for Mr. Jagger and if he FEELS comfortable with them, then rock on!

Even though we now live in a society where beauty equals a size 4, it wasn't always this way.In the 1600's women with that same size were considered malnourished and not attractive by society. So, basically it comes down to what the norm of society is. Many doctors maintain that it is not unhealthy to be full bodied--that stress and weight fluctuations are medically more dangerous than weight itself.

When I was a kid I was very skinny. No amount of food I ate would help me gain weight and even though I repeatedly asked the doctor for some form of weight gain products he refused saying that I was healthy and didn't need them. Actually, I didn't mind being so skinny but I was mad at him because I was being teased at school, he wasn't.

In other words outside pressure made me feel as if I was abnormal when in reality I was just thinner than a lot of others, nothing more, nothing less.

So it doesn't matter if you are "too" thin or overweight, what does is your health. That and how you FEEL about yourself is much more important than what society says. Having said this,I'm off to have my droopy thin lined lips plumped up a little tomorrow, but ONLY because I want to.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Poker Anyone?

It's a far stretch from the illegal back room poker games to what poker is now. Poker made the evolutionary jump from being viewed as a game in 2003 to being viewed as a sport in the United States. This mainstream acceptance was due to increased media coverage of high-stakes poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and various tournaments on the World Poker Tour.

Although there are a wide variety of ways that poker can be played, the tournament format covered by all of these entities is Texas No Limit Hold’em. In high stakes games, Hold’em is simply the most exciting format of poker, especially when an audience is watching.

With online poker being readily accessible for almost everyone, the number of players has expanded to the unlimited and young and old, women and men enjoy it. Contradictory to what many think, poker is not a game of chance but of mathematical probability and good knowledge of "reading" peoples' behavior. For this reason many poker players wear dark glasses or some form of hat to hide their expressions.

For me, it's a game I am enjoying learning, one where I have to use my brain cells and even though I'm a real novice I get fired up when I feel I have a winning hand, usually one which doesn't coincide with a traditional winners hand.

But....seeing as I don't play for money, I take the risk and several times have found myself winning that certain hand. I haven't figured out yet if that's due to luck or being talented at it so I'll leave that in the middle but the exhilarated feeling remains all the same.

I've been thinking about starting a ladies poker night once a month...anyone care to join?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A liscense to motherhood

A local TV station aired a rather controversial documentary the other night about teenagers who are pregnant. It wasn't so much the content that stirred up a commotion, rather the fact that the girls were all under 14 years of age, except one, and they were proud to be expecting.

The program started off with a local celebrity's' daughter who was 16 years of age and pregnant with her second! child. Her first pregnancy had already been highly publicized the year before and together with her boyfriend she had decided that they didn't want a big gap in age difference between their children therefore she had gotten pregnant again.

Here in Belgium where there is a church on almost every street corner and many Belgians are still highly religious, teen pregnancies are quite scandalous. Our neighbouring country, The Netherlands just north of Belgium, seems to accept teen pregnancies much more easily though they have recently begun a campaign to inform the youth of today that being a parent at such an early age just ain't all that!

When I think back to my first pregnancy at the ripe young age of 23 years old, I still hear the echoing words of my mom saying that I would be able to grow up together with my child. In other words, that I was way too young to take on the responsibility of motherhood. And even though in hindsight I did have the greatest time of my life goofing around with my son I do understand that if it hadn't been for her help and advice I might not have done so well with my son.

However, by the time my third child was born over a decade and a half later I must say that there is a vast difference in how I felt emotionally and I was able to enjoy my daughter as a newborn baby much more not to mention more efficiently.

Maybe it might be healthier for every girl or woman to actually realize what being a mom actually entails BEFORE getting pregnant and a good way of doing this would be to take an exam for motherhood, receiving a licence to get pregnant if you pass.

It may sound far out and non ethical, but is it ethical for teenagers to have babies when they are still kids themselves?

In the end, if the girl is lucky she will have a mom who will stand by her side and help taking on most of the "work" a baby brings, when the girl goes to school in the day. If she's not that lucky, then the consequences are heart breaking for both the new teen mom and her baby.