Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In a New Age state of Mind - Stand By Me !

As we welcome 2009 and are almost half way throught the month of January, some of us have already let the resolutions slide out of our minds. With the same vigor that we made a decision to change a certain habit or other challenge, we find ourselves countering that decision, telling ourselves we'll do it next year, life ain't so bad as it is now.

So what did we do? Or rather, what did we NOT do?

I, for one (I won't use the excuse that I'm a woman and therefore have that perogative)know from experience that my New Years' resolutions don't even make it past the first week into the new year, so during the beginning of the festive season in 2008, I made a choice to NOT make any resolutions.

It felt so much better! The agony of knowing I was going to have to change something was not there. The guilt of knowing I probably wouldn't be capable of holding on to my resolution was not there....oh boy did I feel free!

And then the weirdest thing happened...what I decided NOT to do as a resolution, I did and am doing with hardly any effort on my part :) Now why is this? The answer is simple.....I let go.

When the conscious mind is no longer stressed with having to change, a space vacuum occurs, and the laws state that each vacuum must be filled, so the sub conscious mind can then ease its way into that very vacuum and cause the wanted change anyway.

Isn't that brilliant!?!

Still, though it's a simple process, it's a challenging one all the same. Usually when we try to let go, we only end up getting frustrated and filled with worry that we aren't letting go fast enough or are not doing it right...hence we hold on to it more tightly and letting go becomes even more difficult.

We have to figure out HOW, and humans just love to know HOW, to let go.

I can't take all the credit though. Since December 2008 I am working with a life coach who is teaching me stuff in a delightful and easy way that I feel I am finally going to where I desire to be, emotionally. If you would like to know more, please visit and I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter. For those who may think this is an affiliate link, nope, I will not earn a single dime if you click on that link, I just feel so good and I want to share one of my main reasons why I do with you,that's all.

But fair is fair. Don't expect all your troubles and worries to magically disappear if you do begin to work with a life coach, mine or anyone elses'. Realize that a good part of it comes from what you yourself do and think.

Enjoy the following video, I find it very appropriate for what the world is experiencing right now.

Till next time!

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Daddyy0 said...

Oh Edenbelle
To hear you tell
You need a spell
to change your bel-fry
So change the view
to see the you
that others do
makes us wealthy.