Wednesday, December 24, 2008

K.I.S.S. (keep it short and sweet)

Yes, I know that K.I.S.S. doesn't originally stand for the above but as tomorrow rolls in to Christmas eve and most of us will refrain (or at least try to) from sitting in front of our computers too much, I wanted to keep this short so you'd actually read it all :)

2008 has been a turbulent year, with a new president being elected, snow falling in places which hasn't seen snow for over 113 years, the economic crisis not to forget the HUGE scam that involves multinational companies and even banks....!

Instead of being frustrated about what you may not have been able to buy, do or become, why not join me in being grateful for what you HAVE accomplished?!

Focus on the good things that have taken place in your life, on the people you love and on your dreams of the future. Let yourself be filled with pride and joy that you are a magnificent person, one that has the opportunity to live on this natural,gorgeous planet.

I know I certainly am grateful for all I have in my life, and for having the honor of having you join me here almost every week.

Thank you, thank yourselves and Enjoy Christmas as much as you can.

yours sincerely,


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