Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We will survive...Thanksgiving !

Like many of you, I have been bombarded (in the nicest possible way) with greetings for Thanksgiving. As most of you will know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A., and a national holiday. Traditionally, it's a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general but it is now more a celebration with religious origins and the excuse for an extra day off work.

In todays world turmoil, how many of us will really be grateful for what we have, or rather don't seem to have? Why do we seem to focus on material things and forget about the importance of what truly

Ok, so the economic crisis has eaten away much of what we had invested or saved, so what if we can't buy that new laptop or those manolo blahnik shoes? Let's take this opportunity with both hands and go back to the essence of Thanksgiving, namely being grateful for everything we do have and our loved ones that surround us.

Thanks-Giving; a time to thank, a time to give.

Embrace the feeling that will bestow upon you as you genuinely say thank you to the cashier for helping you, or give that $10 bill in your pocket to the homeless man instead of spending it on a couple of drinks at the bar.

FEEL the rush of satisfaction as you warmly smile to everyone you pass by in the street instead of keeping your eyes locked staring straight ahead of you.

This is a joyous occasion to celebrate love, to acknowledge the power of creation within you, to be part of the healing energy rising up throughout the world population. And the more people that are grateful for just be-ing, the more positive the feelings of gratitude will be felt all over the world.

Having said that, I wanted to leave you with something that will hopefully put a smile on your face, and help you keep your weight at the same time.


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