Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Isn't life great?......at least it should be! And you know what I have come to realize more in depth these past few weeks....that my life truly is what I make of it.

From the moment I first saw the movie the Secret I was convinced that the law of attraction worked, I just couldn't figure out HOW to make it work for me instead of against me. Why? Because weirdly enough, it is always so much easier to think the worst,or feel sorry for oneself as then people around us pat us on the back or say 'awhh..you poor thing!' or something of that nature, thereby making us think we feel better but in reality just affirming the worst to continue.

So....what would have been better is a good kick up the butt as a wake up call so I'd understand playing the 'victim' wasn't helping me at all, it was only holding me back and making sure I'd get more of the same.

My family and friends love me for who I was, am and will be and only want the best for me. Yet since they didn't know what I wanted the best for me to be, it was only natural that they just comfort me the best way they knew how. I am grateful to them for being there for me, no matter what...thank you....I love you all.

The saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears' really rings true and I had to open my own eyes for only then I was ready to see what I was doing and could I open myself up to change.

I like to think that I have already come a long way since the first time my eyes were glued to the TV screen, listening intently to what Bob Doyle, Bob Proctor, etc had to say, yet it has only been very recently that I have made leaps toward being the person I truly am inside....and I love it!

Much of my change has to do with a wonderful mentor and coach I am working with, namely Lydia Proschinger of www.life-procoaching.com but my dear friends Debra, Steve, Ekaterina & Ward, who all write a monthly feature in Eden&Elle magazine also have helped me open my eyes to see new possiblities. So guys and gals.....I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship and wonderful contributions to the magazine and my life.

Now what makes it more fun and amazing is that the more I feel good, the more good things happen to me...now I'm going around in circles to but this circle just gets bigger, brighter and better while before I kinda felt like I was in the proverbial rat race wheel.

And the biggest change people see on the outside is I smile a lot more! I have this goofy grin on my face like a cheshire cats' and I look like I've won the lottery. But what I have now is worth so much more than money, it's a feeling of happiness, peace and well being. A feeling that I CAN be,do and have anything I choose, as long as I have total faith that it can become a reality.

Now I would like to do something for you; put a smile on your face, so I have added the video below.... Enjoy! And don't forget to read the latest issue of Eden & Elle magazine! Subscribe here


Wil said...

Beautiful thoughts, my friend. Joy, peace and love to you.

Alan said...

I loved the video clip. Great message. You are amazing xx